Monday, March 16, 2020

Honest John

That's Norm Ferguson animating the fox Honest John in Pinocchio.
(I feel like telling Ferguson: Don't touch your face, and wash your hands...!)
I am literally mad about this character, and I think not enough people are talking about him in terms of outstanding acting and personality development. Every single scene he is in just shines.
Not ONE missed opportunity to present ultimate entertaining moments.
Any of the key poses he strikes are inventive and full of character. Other animators who did fantastic work on Honest John are John Lounsbery, Hugh Fraser, Preston Blair and Shamus Culhane.
Quite the crew!!


  1. When did the animators find this ''golden pose'' thing? around wich movie? it seems like they discovered it very early as we see it here, even if some scenes look like a straight ahead animation, maybe some animators still worked that way?

  2. Thanks for all the great content. If you have access, can you post some roger rabbit key frames and/or rough work? thanks so much!

  3. Hello Mr Deja,
    I was unsure how else to reach you. I am a writer at MEL Magazine and ai am hoping to interview you for a piece I am working on. If interested, please email me at

    Thank you,
    Brian VanHooker

  4. Hi Andreas,

    My name is Elizabeth and I live in Poland, Gdansk. Your dad is my godfather. I remember you because I am just looking at the pictures of the visit I am with you and your sisters when I visited you with my mother at your family home in Dinslaken in 1975. In the following years, your parents visited us. A little time has passed and I would like to make an e-mail contact, but I found no other option than to write here. If you have time, write to me by email

  5. Thanks a bunch for the post, Andreas ! This film is so dear to my heart.
    Be well, stay safe.

  6. Hey Andreas, it's me, Paul again, I'm fine, how are you?
    Question: How did the ink and paint artists get to blend the paints together on Honest John's fur in some shots in Pinocchio? I don't know if you really know this, but it was in some special formula like today's acrylic mediums. I want to know your answer. Night.