Friday, May 8, 2020

What's on my Animation Desk Right Now

I am animating a bunch of short action scenes right now which will connect longer, already animated sequences. 
Here Sarah is trying to push her tiger Mushka over the edge of a cliff into a river. Why?
I won't say. 
This is my first rough pass followed by my tied down version which will go to color. Actually the tiger is too heavy, so Sarah asks her friend Alex for help. He enters the scene a few frames later.

I was pausing today, thinking this project is the adventure of a lifetime.


  1. This project is connecting me with my 90's childhood. I love the silent power of the tiger. So beautiful! I love the way his back shoulder is hunched up making him as unmovable as a mountain!

  2. Great really ! I grew up with the characters you imagined for Disney scar, jafar, mama odie. Especially the lion king and aladdin these masterpieces will never be out of fashion and it is my whole childhood and today I am 36 years You are the best of Disney studios, really a big thank you Andreas And good luck for the future 👍

  3. Always love seeing new "Mushka" updates!!!

  4. ooh the way you designed it's shoulder, back and tail is fantastic!

  5. Hi Andreas, not a long-time reader here, but definitely a long-time fan of yours. A few days ago I embarked on a journey to read all your blog posts since day 1 and it's been an endless gold mine. I was going through an art block, but thanks to your posts I am now full of ideas and inspiration. On a side note, thanks for the update on your project; I really cannot wait until it's finished, and I'll be there to support it, like many others (I'm sure). Thank you so much, for everything. (And cheers from Italy!)
    - Valeria

  6. I wonder if as an artist you are forced to somehow respect traditional art of a country. Japanese animation is different than Disney and Russian animation too. Do you adapt?

    1. I am inspired by art from countries all over the globe.