Wednesday, February 3, 2021

The Sound of Disney in Frankfurt

Even though the title is in English, this remarkable exhibition took place in Frankfurt/Germany. And it's not over yet. After the current lockdown in Germany is lifted, visitors will be able to enjoy a visit to the DFF (German film museum and institute) for a few more weeks to view absolutely amazing original Disney art. With social distancing and masks of course.

The presented animation art comes from private lenders, but a lot of it originates from the Munich City Museum (Münchner Stadtmuseum.) Way back when Disney's Sleeping Beauty opened, several Disney exhibitions toured the world to promote not only the film but also Disney's history of animation. The European exhibit finished in Munich, and Walt just donated the art wherever it ended up. The Asian tour -with different art- ended in Tokyo at a university. A few years ago the Disney Company made a deal with this university to purchase the art back.

This exhibition warms my heart as it chronicles the unusual relationship between Germany and Disney animated films. From early posters announcing Micky Maus (before WWII) to Germany's most visited film of all time The Jungle Book

Look at these storyboard panels for The Skeleton Dance, most likely by Ub Iwerks. Amazing!

Never before seen story boards from Sleeping Beauty, my guess by Joe Rinaldi.

Stunning development art by Eyvind Earle mixed in with cel set ups.

Cinderella in German


German film posters for Snow White and Fantasia.

The German announcement for the Disney exhibition. 

I used frame grabs from a Youtube video filmed by these two Disney fans. Her name is Dörthe, not sure about his name.

 The Frankfurt Film Museum asked me to answer 22 questions about my career at Disney (in German). Here is the link:


  1. ah, I remember the story about the cels that were lost in a closet for decades, when they exhibited in Japan.
    I'm glad there is one of these a little closer to me, but I think it'll be closed by the time it's safe to travel from Ireland to Germany

  2. Yep, it's sad that it's impossible to travel right now, this would have made a great excuse to visit Germany again.

  3. How Fun! Thanks Andreas for all of these Gems that we just can't travel to see, as well as the previous posts you've been putting out all these years. I've always observed but never commented! I appreciate and love all you do for the animation community and love the blog. I'm reading your nine old men book and loving it! Thanks again!

  4. I'm so glad to read that this exhibition didn't ended on January 10, 2021.
    I hope the museum gets the chance to open as many weeks as possible before May 2021.
    And perhaps visitors from other countries can see the exhibition too.

    During this time I feel safer to visit a museum than to go shopping in s supermarket.
    Frankfurt am Main is a city of Hessen. Hessen isn't Bavaria so it is okay to wear a simple medical OP mask.

    I wish the best for the future!

    Thanks for this posts! :)
    And thanks for the Links! :)

    I like to read the interview! :)

  5. Beautiful exhibition in Frankfurt. I live in The Netherlands, but unfortunately there are gravel restrictions.
    I went to the Paris exhibition in 2017. There they had brilliant art from Gustaf Tenggren for Pinocchio. And the model car of Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians. They also had an animation drawing from you Andreas, one of Scar from The Lion King. I'm one of your fans, so it was fantastic to see! :D

    Thanks for the posts! I really love your blog!

  6. Gravel must be travel restrictions haha!

  7. Those SLEEPING BEAUTY boards look more like Bill Peet to me.