Monday, July 5, 2021

Milt Keys a Bagheera Scene

Another example that shows how Milt Kahl helped his fellow animators with improved draughtsmanship in their scenes. Here Bagheera is trying to communicate with Baloo about a plan how to get Mowgli away from King Louie. Of course Baloo does not pay attention, he is about to join the "jungle party".

This is a short dialogue scene, animated by Ollie Johnston. In an earlier scene Bagheera said: "Now, while you create a disturbance, I'll rescue Mowgli.", followed here by: "Got that?" 
Actor Sebastian Cabot read the line in a hushed tone, not to be heard by the monkeys. I love how Bagheera speaks through one corner of his mouth, in the direction where he thinks Baloo still is.

I am not sure if Ollie had this in mind in his rough animation, or if this is a Milt Kahl addition. 
After the panther hears Baloo proclaiming: "I'm gone man, solid gone!" he quickly turns the other way to see what crazy stuff the bear is up to. 


  1. I always thought the character acting in this movie was on another level.
    The scenes at the Ancient Ruins are pure gold.

  2. Brilliant stuff to be able to still see these wonderful sketches. Thanks so much Andrea's for ALL your work.

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  4. Dear Master Andreas: I´m one of your eternal followers, and I´d like to know your opinion about a sculpture that I made based on "Runaway brain", considering your deep participation in the production of this wonderful short.You can see some pictures through Instagram (ricardoalbertorivetti)
    thank you

  5. what I like is the very clear acting, and that really cool anticipation towards the camera for the last take off screen, very readable, and unexpected as my instinct would have been to lead with the turn better read on that pose with a difficult end pose position. Cheers and thanks. You rock.