Monday, July 12, 2021

Sullivant Original III


This one dates back to October 9, 1924 in LIFE magazine. It shows a little bit of water damage, but the piece has been treated to stop any further discoloring and deterioration.  It measures 20 X 14".

I don't know of any other illustrator/cartoonist who depicts a bear this way, weighty on top and thin around the bottom. It is usually the other way around (Yogi Bear, Baloo etc.) Beautifully designed human characters, and the hounds are priceless. 


  1. Animation historians always say Disney's invented the centaurette for Fantasia. Sullivant was drawing them in 1921. Page 348 of A Cockeyed Menagerie.

    1. That is the first thing I thought when I saw the centaures in the book. But Sullivants centaures looking more babylike without sexappeal. :)

  2. I saw this picture on side 312. I'm not the big fan of regular bears so I like much more Sullivants dogs! :)
    I prefer most pictures like I can see on side 314.
    It's so funny when huntsmen who want to kill animals just for honor and prestige are hunted by the animals! :D

    I'm so glad that I bought the books „A Cockeyed Menagerie“ and „The Art of Animal Drawing...“ by Ken Hultgren! :)

  3. Have always loved the sparkling work of Andreas and his glorious attention to detail!