Monday, September 13, 2021

Sullivant Original IV


From the Jungle Gazette:

Young Wilbur Lion is home from his triumphal tour with the Mammoth Circus. "Welcome home, Wilbur."

Life Magazine, fall 1925

This beauty measures 16 1/2  x  10 1/2". Drawn almost 100 years ago. Sullivant's quadrupeds are walking on their toes here. By contrast Disney would later put the bodyweight of anthropomorphic animals on the whole length of the foot, like humans (Song of the South, Robin Hood etc.) As so often in his work Sullivant keeps the background to a minimum, so the characters read clearly and beautifully. 


  1. Bei Sullivant finde ich immer cool, wie flauschig das Fell/die Pfoten gezeichnet sind :)

  2. Do you have any advice to give, or resources to recommend, on exactly how much background to include? Or should I just look at more Sullivant drawings?

  3. That's really interesting about the animals walking on their toes vs the "full foot". Is there any history of the studio trying "toe walking" on characters before they settled on the full foot? And The Beast would count as toe walking, right?

  4. At first I thought Young Wilbur is one of Sullivant's characters you drew in the past.
    I found your post from November 25, 2016 but Young Wilbur wasn't a part of your drawings.

    There is so much proud and self-confident in Wilbur's pose! :)
    I like Sullivant's drawings because every picture is an important part of a funny story.

    „As so often in his work Sullivant keep the background to a minimum, so the characters read clearly and beautifully“
    I like this too!
    Yes, I have to accept that some people prefer to see every stone of a desert or every snowflake of a winterwonderland although it isn't important for the mood, the story or for characterization of the protagonist and the relationship with others.

    T.S. Sullivant trusted in the vividness of his characters. That is all he needed! :)

    Thanks for posting! :)

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