Friday, April 29, 2022

A Visit from Clint Howard


Actor Clint Howard stopped by a few weeks ago for an interview about his role in Disney's classic film The Jungle Book. Clint voiced the baby elephant, also known as Hathi jr.

The interview will be a part of the upcoming exhibition at the Walt Disney Family Museum Walt Disney's The Jungle Book: Making a Masterpiece. It was wonderful getting to know Clint, whose 1967 TV show Gentle Ben was a favorite of mine as a kid. Of course Clint has been in many movies, including Apollo 13, a film directed by his brother Ron. A true classic!

Here is the link to the the Disney Museum's Jungle Book announcement:

This exhibition will be spectacular.


  1. Cool! I'm happy you're getting to work on this, I'm sure it's going to be amazing.

  2. It was Roo's voice in "Winnie the Pooh and Honey tree" (1966) and Winnie the Pooh and Bluester day" (1968)

  3. I like to read and hear about what artists did before and after their participation in feature like Jungle Book. Especially when they were very young at the time. :)
    Mr Clint Howard has a face I never get out of my mind. You recognize him immediantely, no matter how old he is and was. :)