Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Mark Adlington


Mark Adlington is a terrific contemporary animal artist from the UK. I came across his beautiful work by accident online. He draws his subjects in their natural environments, before refining the sketches in his studio. 
Adlington has a great sense for observation, he can paint any kind of animal very well. 
I found two publications featuring his work on Amazon. One focusing on African lions, the other one on polar bears. 

Here are a couple of great videos with him talking about his work:

All images copyright Mark Adlington.


  1. Beautiful artwork. Are the last few pictures watercolors?

  2. Beautiful. Simple and powerful. I have to study his work - even if I’m not a fan of lions and polar bears :-)

  3. I love this sort of thing, I still find my own animals and figures are a little stiff/lifeless at times

  4. he has posted hundreds of sketches and paintings on his instagram page

  5. Thank you for posting his artwork! :)
    I have never seen his work before. I like that kind of animal painting/drawing so much!
    They are very expressive and beautiful! :)
    I googled his name in order to buy postcards. :)
    I found the magnoliabox website where I can buy poster, too. :)

  6. so loose and self-assured. Love them.