Saturday, November 12, 2022

Jungle Book Production Photos

Musician and voice talent Luis Prima with his alter ego King Louie and Baloo, probably at the Jungle Book wrap party in 1967.

That's layout artist Sylvia Roemer and Ken Anderson in front of visual development art for the King Louie sequence.

Bill Layne paints backgrounds for the night sequence with Bagheera, Mowgli and Kaa.

This gorgeous Milt Kahl scene is very well worth freeze-framing to study Bagheera's movement as he backs away from Kaa. Evan a panther needs to stay clear of a python. At the end of the scene Bagheera looses a step and ends up in a sitting position, but his rear legs keep back peddling. It's a great touch and shows his nervousness.

A cel set up is being examined at the Disney Animation Research Library. All art is always handled with white gloves there, but this photo cracks me up. It sort of looks like Mickey Mouse himself is looking at the background set up.


  1. Zu sehen, wie ein Background Artist wie Bill Layne so gekonnt Reflexionen des Mondlichtes zeichnen kann erfüllt mich Ehrfurcht und Demut! :)
    "It sort of looks like Mickey Mouse himself is looking at the background set up" Stimmt ☺️
    Was für eine Honoration in diese "white gloves " schlüpfen zu dürfen. 😊
    Ich hätte aber für die Ansicht der empfindlichen Folien, wie mir scheint, fransige Oberteil aufgrund, wie ich meine, von erhöhter Staubpartikeleinschleppung und des Winzige-Fuselfaser-Verlierens nicht angezogen. 😆

  2. I was at the gala opening of the Jungle Book exhibition at the WDFM (hi!!!), and I've been back to see it again at least 5 times. I plan on going a couple more before it closes. I think the only exhibit that they've had that has been this special to me is the Tyrus Wong one.