Thursday, December 29, 2022

Patrick Mate


Patrick Mate is an extraordinary artist, who works in the animation industry. He has worked for a variety of studios and is mostly known for his outstanding skills as a storyboard artist and character designer. The image above is his recent tribute to The Jungle Book. 

Patrick is also a master caricaturist. He painted these portraits of British character actress extraordinaire Margaret Rutherford, who played Miss Marple in four MGM movies during the early 1960s. I absolutely adore those films, my favorite being "Murder at the Gallop" from 1963. Amazon Prime offers pristine HD versions of all four movies.

What a great caricature of the one and only Greta Thunberg, as she tries to get her important message across with the help of a friend.

For much more on Patrick's outstanding work, go to his blog:


  1. Wahnsinn diese Bilder! πŸ‘πŸ€©
    So eine unglaubliche Ausdruckskraft und Einfallsreichtum.!!! Da kann ich mich nicht dran satt sehen! 😍
    Und dann erst die Huldigung an Diego Maradona, um spontan auf die Schnelle nur eine Karikatur zu nennen, von all den vielen πŸ‘πŸ€©...Danke fΓΌrs Posten! 😊
    Und vielen lieben Dank fΓΌr den Link! πŸ˜šπŸ˜„

  2. Hello Mr.Andreas , this is extraordinary , thanks for post this , spectacular caricatures!
    i love all your posts , they are all wonderful and super interesting !

    just a quick question , i'm a superbig fan , you are my idol , if possible , it would be great for me to have a drawing made by you with an autograph , do you do commision work ?
    Would it be possible to make a drawing for me?

    Please , let me know , happy holidays and i wish you a very happy and marvelus happy new year !

  3. Thank you so Much Andreas.I got your wonderful "Jungle Book"and it fill up my imagination .I also updated the bagheera drawing since the one you published(something about the legs) on my blog if you want to update it(:

  4. Wishing you A wonderful new Year 2023 Andreas to you and Mushka!!!!!!