Friday, October 24, 2014

A Bit of Frank Thomas Magic

Frank and Ollie were perfectly cast on the There Fairies from Sleeping Beauty. These ladies have a warmth that is unique to the work of the two animators. This is part of a pose test that Frank did before getting to the final animation. I don’t know how else to describe it, but there is a SOUL in these drawings. Merryweather does a little dance in the cottage, and Frank’s animation is such a delight.
Even if Frank often had to struggle with his drawing abilities, he always won the battle. Internalizing the character and portraying the inner emotions is so much more important than fancy drawing.

Frank Thomas, great animator, great actor.


  1. Yes, definitely a lot of life in these drawings.

  2. Thanks for posting these with the registration holes intact. I try to import these (and others that you've posted in the past) into Harmony to trace over and learn from. Few people have access to the material that you have, and your blog is a great resource to learn from. Thanks, Andreas!

    I had the pleasure of attending your lecture with Virtual Animators a few weeks ago. At one point, you said something along the lines of "getting to work", and that was the most inspiring part of the lecture for me. Get to work!

    Looking forward to your film, book about the 9 Old Men, as well as future updates to the blog here!

  3. Wanted to share this here. Its the line test I developed using these drawings as my guide. Thanks for the inspiration, Andreas!

  4. Ich liebe fließende Bewegungen wie diese hier! 😍
    Danke fürs Teilen! ☺️