Friday, December 15, 2017


I have posted a black & white version of this beautiful Milt Kahl design drawing for Sleeping Beauty before. Here it is again in color. King Hubert, King Stefan and the Lackey, all totally different personalities and body types. A celebration of pristine shape variety and contrast.

Cheers to a wonderful holiday season!


  1. Wonderful drawing and colors! Happy Holiday season, Andreas!

  2. Have a great holiday Andreas!
    Thank you for all your great posts this year

  3. I like the musician because of his facial expression. Piekne swieta Bozego Narodzenia, Mr Deja! :-)

  4. I remember working on this sequence with Stan Green and Tom Ferriter back in the day. I was so terrified of Milt... I never even saw him for months.

  5. Was it Milt who painted this with markers? The drawing looks like his for sure.

    1. Markers weren't available yet during the 1950s. Milt actually tried watercolor on this illustration.

    2. Thanks for this info, Andreas, I had no idea Markers were not available at that time. I think Milt did a great job on this piece.

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