Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Frank Thomas Animal Studies for The Jungle Book

Within the exhibition we have a unique series of sheets with animal drawings by Frank Thomas. Frank drew these at the San Diego Zoo before production began on The Jungle Book. He is exploring anatomy and characteristics of bears, vultures and orangutans. These drawings have never been seen by the public before. They give you a rare insight into Frank's observation and how he searches for motion ranges that would benefit his animation. One of many treasures you'll find in Walt Disney's The Jungle Book, Making a Masterpiece. 

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  1. This is gonna be Jungle Book for the next couple of weeks and I'm here for it!! This is the movie where the animation bug first bit me.

  2. What kind of research and inspiration did the layout and background artists do for Jungle Book? Since I know this was long before the notion of doing research trips to the locations the films were based in.

  3. Just from photos in books and existing film footage. No research trips...