Thursday, July 14, 2011

Disney Eye Candy

Some of these sheets with rough Disney drawings have been posted online before, but just in case you missed them, here are three of them. More to follow later.
As I told you before, storyboard size versions of these used to hang at on the second floor of the Disney Animation building.
I had tons of fun choosing the poses from model sheets as well as my own collection of originals. I wanted these boards to show a total mix, with no particular thought given as to when they were drawn or who the artist was.
I call them Disney Eye Candy.
These poses are all worth studying for their clear silhouette, action line, solidity
and overall design.
One of my favorites is Daisy Duck in the lower right corner, being so wonderfully mad and upset. I actually don't know who drew her.

On a different note...for everybody in the US and Canada:
Go see "Winnie the Pooh". It's a very good film, we had fun doing it.

Animal Sketchbook

Here are a few samples from my animal sketchbooks. As much as I enjoy drawing at the zoo, I find it absolutely essential to draw also from TV programs.
Only in those nature shows will you find natural behavior like playing and hunting, feeding etc. 
Sometimes I sketch with the film at full speed, other times I freeze frame in order to study a particular moment closer. 
I have tried to sketch animals during my one trip to South Africa in Krueger Nat. Park a few years ago, but I found myself at the mercy of the jeep's driver. These guys want to show you as much as possible each day and they move on rather quickly,so you end up not having enough time to observe the wildlife for sketching.
For my next trip I'll have to hire a driver for myself.

There are also a few Sullivant inspired animal cartoons.
I tried not to copy him, but instead play with caricature and proportions in ways I hadn't done before.

My friend Stuart Ng published these and other drawings a little while ago in form of a sketchbook.
.........juuust in case anyone is interested, I think he still has a bunch for sale.
Here is the link to his site: