Sunday, October 15, 2017

Final Color Footage

© Andreas Deja

We now have a complete sequence in final color. I call it the "Montage Sequence" where we watch Sarah bonding and growing up with Mushka, the Siberian tiger. The character poses in this frame actually don't match, because by the time the tiger cub jumps forward, Sarah is already running off screen right. But this makes for a better looking film still.
In the previous scene Sarah's father asks her: "What are you going to call him?"
She looks at the cub's birthmark on its forehead, which reads like an "M". In this scene she calls him from behind: " Muuushka!"
Animation by me, background by the wonderful Natalie Franscioni-Karp and effects by Daniel Ernesto, who pluses every scene he works on. 
And...oh yeah, music by Richard M. Sherman, arranged by the incredibly talented Fabrizio Mancinelli.
This will be a 30 min. hand-drawn animated film.
We are getting there!!