Sunday, May 13, 2012

Merlin in Wire

I did this wire sculpture of Merlin a few years ago.
Human subjects are usually difficult to balance, two legs aren't enough to hold up a sculpture made out of wire. But the buttom of Merlin's cloak helped to solve the problem.
He is 14" tall, and again I tried to use as little wire as possible in defining this pose.
It is probably not the most ideal angle this was filmed at, right when his face looks the most clear, his right hand moves across the head. It would look better, had the camera been a little higher, but for technical reasons I had to go with this angle.

I am looking forward to doing a Madame Mim sculpture.
She will be a challenge in terms of balance, unless I do the pose when she is sitting down, holding Wart (as a bird)……hmmmm….