Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More Scar

Here are a few more pencil tests of Scar rough animation.
I am also adding some leftover drawings. I remember enjoying animating the scene below, where Scar responds to Mufasa's warning. "I shall practice my curtsey."
Jeremy Irons said it in such a character rich way, it seemed to animate itself.
There was hate and cynicism in the reading, just perfect.

I tell you about a scene that I wished I could redo, because it bugs me so much.
At the end of the film, during the duel between Scar and Simba, at one point Simba has the upper hand (ok...paw). Scar fakes a peace offer and says something like:
" I'll do anything (if you let me go), just tell me, anything."
During that line I have Scar lift up one of his front legs, and he moves it sideways.
It's a very human gesture. And it doesn't work. Maybe in a close up it might have looked ok, but this is a long shot. Ugghhhh.....

Anyway, thanks for taking such an interest in this footage. Here is a bit more.