Thursday, June 1, 2023

Palm Springs ShortFest


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Tom Oreb's Graphic Influence

There are some interesting Tom Oreb drawings currently being offered at Howard Lowery Auctions.

You have to admit that his design for Roger Radcliff from 101 Dalmatians very much resembles the final version which was crafted by Milt Kahl. The overall proportions, facial features and definitions of cloths' fabric were set in Oreb's graphic approach. Milt just refined all of this to his liking and to his animation style.


I've posted about the design for Nanny before, and I still believe that something got lost in the final version. Oreb's sketches here show more distinctive features, particularly her face. In the film she looks a bit like the 4th Good Fairy from Sleeping Beauty.

I have not seen any of Oreb's designs for Anita anywhere. I am sure he gave that character as much thought as Roger. And again, Milt's final version is a triumph. An appealing leading lady who doesn't look like the Disney heroines that came before her.
I grabbed this montage of beautiful drawings from someone's post.

All these beautiful shapes and lines appear within the characters as well as the backgrounds. I feel like audiences were not only presented with a great animated movie, they also got a lesson in modern art.