Friday, December 15, 2023

Fabrizio Mancinelli


Fabrizio wrote the score for MUSHKA. It is a magnificent score! Here you see him with Richard M Sherman during a musical "brainstorm", a few years ago. This pic was taken at my home. I do own a piano, but I don't play myself. So it is always a special occasion when Richard or Fabrizio (or both) stop by to fill the house with beautiful music. 

It was magic witnessing these two magnificent talents coming together to produce the emotional musical landscape for our film. Richard started out by writing a beautiful lullaby (Mushka's lullaby). Fabrizio picked up this theme and incorporated it throughout the overall score. 

I remember when Fabrizio had finished writing his first piece of music for a montage sequence. He sent the file to Richard to listen to and to get his input. It turned out that Richard left a phone message full of praise and affection. It was beautiful! Now everyone was on the same page as far as the musical direction.

Fabrizio has written scores for numerous feature films as well as shorts. Go to his website to find out more about his many accomplishments:

I love this photo of him with Diane Disney Miller, who was very fond of Fabrizio and his passion for Disney.

Fabrizio with the one and only Ennio Morricone.

With MUSHKA singer Holly Sedillos after recently winning the Hollywood Music in Media Award for best song in a short film (Mushka's Lullaby).

I encourage you all to listen to Mushka's Lullaby (featuring Holly Sedillos) here:

I cannot overstate how grateful I am to this young composer who contributed so much to our film with a musical score that exceeded my wildest expectations. Thank you, Fabi!

Take a look at a conversation between Fabrizio and Richard Sherman here: