Tuesday, November 21, 2023

The Art of Walt Disney, Signed and Illustrated


Books on Disney animation are a real treasure. And Christopher Finch's 1973 edition of "The Art of Walt Disney" is no exception. This was the first Disney book I owned way back. I had to have the German bookstore order it from the US, it took forever to get there.

Heritage Auctions is currently offering a lovely edition full of signatures and drawings. The original owner was a Disney cameraman who had worked at the studio from Snow White on.

There is a Marc Davis Thumper, an Eric Larson Roquefort and a Milt Kahl Medusa.

Talking about Medusa, I am trying to locate a special Milt drawing of her, in which she puts on lipstick. Rendered in felt pen and grey markers I remember seeing it many years ago. It is one of those Kahl masterpieces in staging and draughtsmanship. As soon as I find it I will post it here.