Sunday, June 30, 2019

Jock by Ollie Johnston

This is rough animation by Ollie. The character of Jock is responding to Lady who is saddened because Jim Dear had called her "That Dog !"
Jock: ("Well, now, Lassie...I wouldna worry mah haid about that.)
Remember, they're only humans after all."

This is Scene 68 from sequence 2.0, and the length is 4-08 ft.

It is a little bit surprising that Ollie chose to animate the eye wink so early in the scene.
What happens during a scene's first few frames doesn't register much to viewers. Your eyes always need a moment to adjust to a new scene.

I love Ollie's simplicity. While Jock is talking, his scull is leading the forward head motion, while the muzzle follows through.
A little bit of animated gold!

Again, my thanks to Wil for letting me post these gorgeous rough drawings.

Be sure to click on each image 2x, in order to enjoy each drawing large size.