Sunday, November 8, 2015

Before Ever After

If you -like me- ever wondered how on earth Walt Disney's artists reached such astronomical artistic heights, you will find some answers to that question in this new book.
The short and feature films during Disney's Golden Age didn't just happen because the staff was talented and could draw and paint well. At that time there was a serious program in place which involved drawing classes as well as lectures with topics such as acting, architecture, color theory, caricature and anatomy to name just a few.
The best authorities and teachers in these fields stopped by the studio to give an insightful talk or they  were put on staff and taught on an ongoing basis.
Luckily these lectures were transcribed back then, and thanks to Don Hahn and Tracey Miller-Zarneke, who spent a considerable amount of time searching for these treasured documents, we now can all relive and learn from Walt Disney's art training program.

This is a big book, 448 pages full of photos, sketches and reproductions of those vintage pages, which reveal words of wisdom by in-house artists like Bill Tytla, Don Graham, Ham Luske and many others.
Visiting artists include architect Frank Lloyd Wright, painter Jean Charlot and color expert Faber Birren.

I think I am going to tattoo that Walt Disney quote on my arm, it is so true!

One of the most important and and inspiring books on animation ever published: