Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Martin Provensen

So I have a confession to make. These are early model sheets of the villain for the 1946 short film Peter and the Wolf. The artist is the incredible Martin Provensen. His sketches greatly inspired me during the pre-production phase of The Lion King. I remember, I was looking for any kind of visuals that might help me to get a handle on Scar. Well, when I saw Provinsen's wolf drawings I suddenly found Scar's main attitude. Not very strong physically, but very crafty and scheming.
I honestly have no words to describe the genius behind these sketches. I am still in awe.

This is a scene I co-animated with the brilliant Mark Henn, who drew young Simba. Mark was working at the Florida studio while I was in Burbank. We never spoke about how to play the scene, it just seemed obvious.

Martin Provinsen and his wife Alice, probably in the late 1940s after he left Disney. The two eventually became first rate book illustrators. They pioneered a flat graphic visual style, which in turn would influence Disney. (Sleeping Beauty)
Martin died in 1987, his wife Alice is now 99 years old, and as far as I know still illustrating.

It's funny how the work of another artist can give you a lift and help you with your own assignment.