Friday, April 3, 2015


Joe Grant sure knew how to infuse the right amount of evil when he designed Snow White's Queen and Witch characters. His drawings were hardly changed at all for the film, I sure love all that dramatic black. (I remember having to argue to include the color black in the design for Jafar. Early versions showed him in fifty shades of red. Really, red only)
I love all of these sketches, they are graphically sound and scary in a groundbreaking way.

This scene was animated by a very young John Lounsbery.

Quick Mushka update:
Thanks again to everybody for your interest in the project. I started to hire only a few people, but as production continues, I will need more help. Please, keep your contacts in the comment section, so I can revisit portfolios and reels as time goes by.
The internship program will happen in connection with CTN, I will have more on that soon.
I apologize, but artists need to be local.