Thursday, December 26, 2013

Goofy Pencil Tests

The Goofy short "How to hook up your Home Theatre" was released in December of 2007. If you missed it you can watch it right here at (not sure if the aspect ratio is correct, it looks a little narrow):

We had a blast animating this six minute tribute to the old "How to…" Goofy shorts.
It was directed by Stevie Wermers and Kevin Deters and animated by Dale Baer, Eric Goldberg, Mark Henn, Randy Haycock, Alex Kupershmidt and myself. 
It was produced in no time and turned out to be one of my favorite shorts I worked on, Runway Brain would be another one.
Here are a few pencil tests of some of my scenes. The first shot shows Goofy trying to open a monster cable box. It was animated from personal experience. A while back I tried to rip one of those boxes open and almost broke my hand…