Thursday, April 28, 2016

Roger Rabbit Scenes III

After having finished a few scenes that involved combining animation drawings with live action photo stats, I was starting to feel relieved and a bit more comfortable tackling new assignments.
As usual it was super important to make sure that the physical contact between cartoon character and live actor would come off as believable.
Here Roger is resisting Bob Hoskins' attempt to throw him out of the apartment. He is yelling and kicking throughout these scenes, but the area of contact (Hoskins' hands and Roger's rear) needed to be in sync. No sliding around allowed!

The love letter was held up by thin robotic arms, which I needed to cover up with Roger's body.

Really loved animating this scene with Smartass, leader of the Weasels. He grabs a live action chair, pushes it across the room before jumping on to it in order to get closer to Hoskins' face.

The live action pistol again was manipulated by a thin robotic arm. "Where's the rabbit?"
This stuff wasn't easy to do, but at the same time SO MUCH FUN!

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