Sunday, February 8, 2015

My Dad, Walt Disney

Bits and pieces of this 1956 series of articles from the Saturday Evening Post have surfaced online, but since I have scans of all of them, I thought you might enjoy the whole lot (posted in increments). In the mid 1950s journalist Pete Martin interviewed Walt about his life and career. This resulted in a book, in which his daughter Diane talks about her famous dad.
I have had the chance to listen to the entire interview, and even though Pete Martin (who seems somewhat intimidated by Walt) asks the questions, Diane is present the whole time, giving input.
Walt's grandchildren Joanna and Christopher are pictured throughout the articles, and today they are "old" enough to remember their Grandfather. I have had the pleasure of speaking to them just recently. As much as the Disney family prefers to be private, they are very much engaged in their mother's mission to portray the life of Walt Disney sincerely and properly.
Here is the first installment of Diane's and her dad's reflection on how it all began.