Saturday, March 18, 2023

MUSHKA Cast & Crew Screening

Just about a month ago the MUSHKA crew finally got together for a premiere screening of our film. Most people had never met each other. Everyone had worked from home, and the voice talents were recorded separately at my home studio. We invited a few guests of honor as well.  

Before the screening I introduced the artists individually. Actor Tanner Beard, who voiced the Father, turned around and shook hands with his on-screen animated daughter Helena Aviv Perez (Sarah) for the first time. It was such a funny but beautiful moment.

This was the venue for our screening and reception. 

Of course we had to give out goodie bags for all of the guests. They included a copy of the Jungle Book catalogue as well as.... some MUSHKA merchandise. 

Voice actors Josh Goldman (Alex), Tanner Beard (Father) and Helena Aviv Perez (Sarah).

Disney royalty Kathryn Beaumont and MUSHKA singer extraordinaire Holly Sedillos. Unfortunately Richard Sherman wasn't available that evening.

Don Hahn and Rick Farmiloe. 

On the left, filmmakers Ted Thomas and his wife Kuniko. On the far right my storyboard partner (Layout artist and scene planer) Matthieu Saghezchi. 

Head of character opaquing and character color Ambrosio Garcia. 

Animator and good friend Andreas Wessel-Therhorn. Andreas animated critical scenes with the three villains. 

Cortney DiPaola animated a ton of lovely scenes with Sarah. 

On the far left my amazing screenwriter Mayka (Michael McKinney), then Roger Viloria, coproducer  and head of all postproduction...and my dear partner. Next to him is composer Fabrizio Mancinelli, who worked closely with Richard Sherman. Fabrizio gave me a film score I could only have dreamt of!!

And Natalie Franscioni-Karp painted the vast majority of the backgrounds. I am in such awe of her talent and her commitment. 

On the right is Steve Gordon. I go waaaaayy back with Steve to the Black Cauldron. He animated the most complicated action scene on MUSHKA. At the time it seemed impossible to do from a technical point of view.

Kathy Beaumont with another Disney voice legend Bruce Reitherman. 

It was an emotional night to say the least. I will always be grateful to our small but kick-ass crew, who helped me to get this story to the screen.