Tuesday, June 25, 2019

More Rare Milt Kahl Drawings

These two beautiful clean up drawings from the short film Mickey's Circus, 1936, were likely drawn right on top of Milt Kahl's rough animation.
This might have been Milt's first production scene he ever animated. It is part of the film's opening sequence in which Mickey is introducing Captain Donald Duck and his seals.
Gorgeous animation - right from the start - and lovely clean up work. Solid and appealing.

This is probably a tossed animation rough, because it isn't numbered. The Llama from the 1943 short Lake Titicaca. One of Marc Davis' favorite Milt Kahl characters.

From 1945 a couple of Milt's roughs for Pablo, The Cold-blooded Penguin.
With all these items attached to Pablo, this would be a challenging scene to animate, and a very difficult scene to in-between. So much line mileage.

Rough drawings of the King in Cinderella.
Milt animated the Duke as well as the King. Reflecting on his work years later, he thought they weren't particularly interesting characters, but that they did their job ok for what the movie called for.
Go figure!
More on this character here in an earlier post:

Thanks yet again to Wil for the scans of these great drawings!