Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wilhelm M Busch

Wilhelm M Busch (1908-1987) is one of my favorite artists.
I keep thinking, when I grow up I want to draw like him.
After many years of not looking at his work I sort of rediscovered him when Hans Bacher started to post some of his incredible book illustrations. Go to Hans' blog and check out much more on Busch.

 I rushed over to amazon/Germany and ordered a whole bunch of books that included his work. Busch illustrated over 300 books during his lifetime.
He also taught illustration in Hamburg, Germany.
His illustration style changed over the years, yet every period of his life shows genius. Sometimes it's realistic other times very caricatured. It can be just linear or fully rendered. 
He never mocked anybody else. Looking at his art, you realize that it is totally based on his own personal observation. The way characters relate to each other, the fantastic sense of perspective, composition and mood...he owns all that, it's his.
And there is great story telling, too.
This man spent quality time looking at things, the human body, drawing at the circus and the zoo as well as studying environments.
I could go on...and I might in future posts. For now here is a very small sampling of his book illustrations.

Have you ever seen a more beautiful drawing of a couple dancing than this first drawing?