Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Disney Mix II

You can find great Disney art within many stages of film production. This color sketch by Mary Blair for Alice in Wonderland is amazing to me. She uses the most intense red as the main backdrop without making it look garish. Unbelievable!

I love this publicity drawing for the short film The Whalers. The basic staging element is a dynamic triangle. Donald's and Mickey's attitudes are as usual opposite. What beautiful poses on the characters, and what great inking!

A spooky mood study for Night on Bald Mountain. Twisted perspective and eerie lighting result in a nightmarish atmosphere.

A charming pen/ink/watercolor study by Mel Shaw for The Fox and the Hound. Looking at it, the overall style is somewhat like my film Mushka. Sketchy, lots of white and selective color.

A beautiful record cover for Cinderella, inspired if not painted by Mary Blair.
Perfect color choices!

Art Deco in motion. A film frame from the end of the Pastoral sequence. Pure elegance!

Albert Hurter's studies show the interaction between Snow White and the Huntsman. These early drawings already show attitudes and acting.

What a brilliant concept for a candle holder. The poor guy is definitely concerned about the approaching flame over his head. A prop study for Pinocchio.

And because we love her so much, another Mary Blair concept piece for Alice in Wonderland.
Wonderful scale, helped by the tiny cow and Alice's head covered by half a tree.