Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Wart & Kay

Sitting on a tree branch, Wart is watching Kay, who aims at a deer he just spotted. Suddenly the branch breaks off, and Wart falls straight down, taking Kay with him.
The solidity in Milt Kahl's drawings of human characters never seizes to amaze me. Look at the first image. Beautifully caricatured anatomy, presented within strong graphic shapes. 
That level of sophistication is maintained throughout the scene as both human figures react to gravity.
A short continuity scene executed to perfection.

These are photo copies of the original drawings. It is interesting to see that the effects animation was drawn on the same sheets as the characters (in most cases effects are drawn on a different level).
It was probably more economical for the Ink & Paint department to only have to deal with one cel level.