Wednesday, June 6, 2012

One Year Anniversary

I can't believe I have been blogging for a whole year. It doesn't seem that long.
Actually the blog format is perfect for what I wanted to communicate with you. A post is instant and interactive. I have enjoyed reading your comments, and it's always interesting to see which post gets more responses than others.

For this anniversary I wanted to show you something special. I have screened and elaborated on these two animated clips before during various presentations.
The two close up scenes (in pencil test) were animated by two of the greatest animators.
What they have in common is a similar situation. Tramp reacts to Lady, as she finds out that Tramp has a past with other "ladies".

Frank Thomas animated the first section, just before the famous spaghetti dinner. 
"Settle down with This One?" Lady asks. Tramp is caught off guard by Tony's remark, he explains this is a misunderstanding because of the cook's bad English.
There is embarrassment, a clearing of his throat and a sigh of relief, when he feels Lady sort of buys his explanation.
So much stuff going on in that one Tramp close up. Frank Thomas is AMAZING! 

Milt Kahl animated the next sequence.
Lady found out at the pound about Tramp's past with all these other girls.  Tramp realizes she knows the truth. His reaction also shows embarrassment, he is faking a smile, but deep inside he knows he is in trouble. This is very complex character acting, rich and insightful.
So yes, Milt Kahl is AMAZING, too. But you knew that already.