Saturday, May 23, 2015


A silly photo for a German magazine after The Lion King had been released. I remember the photographer being fascinated with some character figurines, which were placed on my animation desk. It was always interesting to see how your character would be represented as a fast food bonus toy or other merchandise articles. 
The animators were frequently involved in the development of such figurines. We were shown little models in a "work in progress" stage, and more often than not gave input to help bring the character on model. 

Any of these could be tweaked a bit more to make them look like the film's images, but there is a quirky and naive quality to these mini maquettes which I kind of like.

This t-shirt image was taken from an actual animation drawing.

Stylized films like Hercules present a challenge when representing the characters three dimensionally, 
there are many graphic cheats used in the animation that don't make a lot of sense from a logical point of view.

I believe this Roger Rabbit set was done exclusively for the Disney Parks,  Baby Herman came out perfect.

A t-shirt illustration based on one of my pre-production sketches.

An absolutely perfect representation of bad Mickey from Runaway Brain, produced in Japan.