Friday, May 1, 2015

Back Online

I apologize for the long post-less time period. A few weeks ago I left for Italy in such a rush, I completely forgot to announce a break regarding my blog.
The folks from the famous Nemo Academy in Florence invited me as well as Ted Thomas (Frank Thomas' son) to give a few lectures to their students. That's both of us in the photo, including our translator, who occasionally needed to interrupt, when our monologues became to long for proper translation.
Ted screened and discussed some of the great documentary films he had produced over the years with his wife Kuniko. As for myself, I talked about 31 years at Disney Animation, but also about my film Mushka. The students' enthusiastic response took us completely by surprise.

The title cover of a limited edition exhibition catalogue. 


How about having your art exhibited in a room like this one ?!!!

Francesco, Luca and spoiled us! This was the trip of a lifetime.