Friday, December 14, 2012

Invisible Ink

This picture was taken sometime in 1987 when Steven Spielberg was visiting the animation crew in London. We were early on in production for "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". 
I believe Mr Spielberg had his picture taken with almost everybody in the animation crew. And he signed all those photos, too.
The camera that day sure didn't capture what I was working on, so it looks like I only have a blank sheet of paper to show for. 
Steven Spielberg is a very cool guy. He talks to you on the same level, from one filmmaker to another. I remember his enthusiasm for film and animation.
A few years later I even had the chance to have breakfast with him at the newly founded Dreamworks Studio. And again I felt like I could comfortably talk to this movie giant about anything, film or otherwise. I remember asking him if I could stop by the set of Jurassic Park II. He said, you won't be seeing any dinosaurs, there's just a lot of waiting around on the set. (I didn't end up going.)

I've kept shockingly little of my animation drawings from Roger Rabbit.
Here is a sketch with the Weasels' leader Smart Ass. I enjoyed animating his introduction very much.
He was interacting with live action props like a chair and a pistol, then he threatened Bob Hoskins: "Where's the Rabbit?" 

I also did the Bouncer at the Ink & Paint Club. Completely different character, powerful, slow moving like a big oaf.  So I had the chance to animate a lot of different character concepts for the film, and I learned a ton.

A post-Academy Awards-photo with Dick Williams, his mother and some of the animation crew.
Good times!!