Thursday, August 16, 2012

"I wanna stay in the Jungle"

Here are a few rough key drawings from a Milt Kahl scene with Mowgli from The Jungle Book. The man cub is not very pleased with Bagheera, who wants to take the boy to the man village.
I just love Milt's proportions in Mowgli's design. Complex but simplified anatomy.
Look at his neck line going into his jaw on the first drawing. Normally you would expect a break there to show the jaw line going toward the ear. But this looks so much simpler and leads your eye to his face, and also to his open hand. 
That profile so appealing with the over hanging upper lip.
The acting is great, too. A little anticipation before he fully sits down, then letting one leg dangling.
As usual, beautiful stuff from Mr Kahl.

Blog reader Breana Melvin created a pencil test with these drawings. It looks great. Check it out:

Woolie Reitherman directing his son Bruce, who provided most of the dialogue for Mowgli.