Friday, June 3, 2022

Circus Alphabet by Wilhelm M. Busch

In 1981 German illustrator Wilhelm M. Busch published a limited edition portfolio titled Circus Alphabet. Edition size of 45. I feel so lucky to have found one of those publications online for sale. Busch gave himself the assignment of illustrating individual letters from the alphabet. What starts out as abstract shapes become figurative compositions inspired by the world of the circus.  
What a great exercise in imagination, draftsmanship and composition!!!

Every little ballpoint pen doodle is a masterpiece. Honestly, these sketches make me feel like I can't draw at all. Soooo deliciously beautiful!

Here are sketches that illustrate the letters A, B and C.
Of course I will post the whole alphabet in the future, in groups of three, with the hope that it will inspire many people to DRAW!!