Saturday, October 9, 2021



This post is a little more personal than what I usually present here. I just returned from a quick trip to Germany in order to say Goodbye to my mother. Got there just in time, she passed away last Sunday morning at the age of 90. I loved my mother. She was affectionate and loving toward her children and grandchildren. She also had an uncanny sense of humor. The way she observed people and situations around her was utterly unique. We as a family would be rolling on the floor laughing based on her comments, but my mom had no idea where the humor was in what she just said. 

I drew this sketch of her and me (based on a vintage photo from around 1958) just before I moved to America. She kept it on a wall in her retirement home.

The last three years have been very difficult for my mom and for myself. I've lost both of my sisters, Regina and Christa to various cancers. (My dad died in 1997). 

So you find yourself alone in representing your family. Thank God for my awesome nieces, who also showed up at my mom's bedside. I am so proud of them, one is a top notch doctor at a Freiburg hospital, one is a teacher, and the youngest one is a social worker.

My mom was a devout catholic. A little prayer would be much appreciated.