Sunday, January 29, 2017

Walt Stanchfield analyzes Milt Kahl

I found this photo of Walt Stanchfield among a pile of Disney memorabilia. I don't know where or exactly when it was taken. As Walt is holding a t-shirt, he probably just changed from his tennis outfit into his working clothes. He was sporty, loved life and was interested in just about anything. He always looked debonair, and I can tell you that quite a few young ladies at the studio thought, well...that Walt was hot. He was one of those people who happened to age well and gracefully.
As some of you know, Walt was an excellent teacher. One of his greatest points to get across was the relationship between life drawing and animation. He knew that many young artists somehow separate the two. Life drawing in front of the model being serous, academic stuff, and cartooning being something fun, yet completely different.
Walt made sure that his pupils understood that there is a strong connection.  Once you strengthen and simplify the human (or animal) model for action or acting, the whole thing starts to communicate so much stronger. And your animation will benefit greatly.
Here he points out Milt Kahl's knack for clear silhouette and positive change of shapes.

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