Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Mirko Hanak

"Mirko Hanak was one of Czechoslovakia's most popular illustrators of children's books. He studied at the Academy of Arts in Prague and published the first of his dozens successful books in 1951.  Hanak's love of nature has often taken him into the wilds with his sketch book to capture birds and animals in their natural settings.  It is for these animal pictures that Hanak is famous in his native land and abroad."
A brief write up from one his illustrated books. I am very fond of Hanak's art, because it combines Asian painting techniques with Western sensibilities.

Just imagine...for a moment, an animated feature influenced by his art! It would be entirely possible as a mix between hand drawn and CG animation techniques. But for now we are stuck with  nauseating realism. As for myself I am trying my best to offer a new look for my film Mushka, combining drawings with CG rendering.
I will post more of Hanak's  stunning work soon !