Friday, February 9, 2018

Cruella's Last Scene

A couple of drawings from what might be Marc Davis' last scene he ever animated. It is Cruella's last scene in 101 Dalmatians. Her car had collides with Jasper and Horace's truck. Now she gives the two Baduns hell. "You fools...etc."
This scene is featured in my 9 Old Men Book (if I may say so), the main key drawings are included in the Marc Davis chapter.
But I think it's interesting to see that Marc drew Cruella full size on 16 field animation paper, before 
the animation was greatly reduced in size to fit in with the scenic layout. 
I still have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that this animator at the peak of his craft left the medium to join WED. It's animation's loss and Disneyland's gain.

Cruella's fur coat with its many sections is a complex thing to track in animation. The heaviest weight is in her lower coat. All these different coat parts have their own way of moving and are timed differently. And then there is the overall design and the fun variety of shapes and volumes.
Like Color stylist Walt Peregoy said: " There will never be a villain like Cruella!"
We'll see....