Friday, August 30, 2013

Jafar Clean Ups

A while ago I posted some of my rough animation of Jafar. When it came to cleaning up those rough key drawings on a new sheet of paper I tried to stay in touch with my clean up lead Kathy Bailey as much as possible. Especially on the first scenes we went back and forth on how the character should look in that nice calligraphic line that was called for to fit in with the style of the film. 
Looking at these sheets now after such a long time I am still pretty happy with how Kathy handled the character. Sometimes the clean up process can flatten out the drawings. Not here. Kathy's elegant lines show a subtle "thick and thin", something that was not easy to maintain for her follow up artists, the clean up inbetweeners.
This is a character that was a lot of fun to draw and to animate. The story material was very rich, too,  which made it easier to find decent performances.
I don't think there was an animation artist who didn't enjoy working on this film.