Friday, October 7, 2022

From Vienna to LA

I am still recovering from one of the most amazing days during production of MUSHKA. We recorded the film's score last Wednesday over Zoom with the outstanding Synchron Stage Vienna Orchestra.

This is what we saw from Vienna on our monitor. The recording mixers, The orchestra (60 musicians) and the conductor.

When Richard Sherman joined us at around 11am the whole orchestra gave him this huge ovation! Did I tear up? Of course I did. Especially when he blew a kiss to the orchestra. 

That's our composer, the magnificent Fabrizio Mancinelli, who is also a good friend of Richard's. 

This pic includes Marco Valerio Antonini, the score's orchestrator. He wrote the sheet music for every single instrument in the orchestra.

And this is conductor Bernhard Melbye Voss. He was  professional, but also enthusiastic. He mentioned on a couple of occasions how much he liked the score. Fabrizio and Marco would give him notes on certain musical passages, and he just answered: "Gut!" And went on to get those adjustments from the orchestra perfectly.
A truly magical day I will remember for the rest of my life.

Imagine the score as a mix of John Williams and the Sherman Brothers...because that's what you are going to get!