Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Disney 1949

UK PICTUREGOER Magazine published this article in December of 1949. Disney's latest feature film offering had been So Dear to my Heart. The writer was obviously dissatisfied with Disney having turned to live action/animation mix films. At that time general audiences, too, preferred full length animated feature films.
It is interesting that the absence of those films during the late 1940s is being discussed, due to financial difficulties at the studio.

As for myself, I always thought that the story in So Dear to my Heart is a bit saccharin. But the film is beautifully shot, and the animation is terrific. Milt Kahl's introduction to the Wise Owl character at the beginning of the film is unbelievable. Very appealing, inventive actions and timing.
The three main animated sequences deal with David and Goliath, Christopher Columbus and a couple of Scottish characters, including a spider. All feature spectacular effects animation.

Technicolor publicly thanks Walt Disney for working with them.