Friday, June 21, 2013

Pierre Lambert's Sleeping Beauty

I need to recommend this new coffee tablet/art book by Pierre Lambert, who in recent years has published several extraordinary volumes on Disney animated features.
For now Sleeping Beauty is only available as a French edition, but believe me, even if you don't speak the language, you will be amazed.
There are endless top quality reproductions of backgrounds, cel set ups, vis dev work, layouts and animation drawings. A few pieces from my collection made it into the book as well.
If you like this movie, the book really is a must have. 
You can order it from Stuart Ng right here:

I know the price is a bit high, but the book is totally worth it. So if you have a birthday coming up, or if you have $170 to spare, treat yourself to a spectacular insight into the making of Sleeping Beauty.

To celebrate the book's release I am posting these animation drawings which are NOT included in this edition.

"Here is your precious princess!" Maleficent is about to uncover Aurora's body in front of the Three Fairies. A great scene by Marc Davis, subtly drawn with incredible weight and dramatic overlap in the fabric.

Frank Thomas researches design and proportions for the Three Fairies.

This sketch almost represents their final appearances.
I've heard people say that the Fairies softer designs don't match the graphic style of the movie.
But as you can see, Frank followed the same principles of strong straight against curved lines, just like other animators for their characters.

I love these explorations, variations on one main idea. Subtle shifts for shapes and forms reveal individual personalities.

A couple of Prince Phillip roughs by Milt Kahl. He has just been freed from the chains around his wrists. The way he turns his hand to loosen up the joint is awesome.

A huge rough of Samson, the most stylized horse in Disney animation.

Milt also drew these King Hubert pencil/watercolor designs, before his outfit was simplified.

King Hubert runs to meet his son, he is about to discuss Prince Phillip's future.
An absolutely gorgeous drawing, this is a hop to break up the pattern of the run.