Thursday, May 23, 2024

A Milt Kahl Sketch Explained


Recently I had the good fortune to purchase this beautiful sketch by Milt Kahl. It was part of the Marc Davis Auction at Heritage. So what the heck is going on here visually?

I remember seeing the drawing framed in Marc and Alice's home years ago. At that time Alice explained: The woman portrayed is Alice's mother Mildred. Marc and Milt Kahl had been colleagues as well as best friends for many years. Alice thought it was high time for her mother to meet Milt. But beforehand Alice warned her mom over the phone that this friend of the Davis' often used vulgar language in his conversations. During the actual visit everybody got along great. Then there was Mildred's poodle who exhibited "romantic feelings" toward one of Milt's legs. The next day Alice called her mom again, this time to apologize for some of Milt's profanities. She responded by saying that she thought he was perfectly charming... and if he couldn't use any bad language, he would not be able to speak at all. 

True story. So on her upcoming birthday Milt sent Mildred this sketch. After her passing Marc and Alice ended up with the drawing.