Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tiger Inspiration

During my research about tigers for my film Mushka, I came across some remarkable art and other resources, that helped me develop an anatomical understanding, but also an artistic appreciation of this magnificent animal. Paul Jouve created this outrageously beautiful panel above. This complex casual pose, drawn and painted with such ease.

There are endless intriguing photos of tigers to admire online.

My friend Olivier sent me countless photos he took at the zoo. You learn something from each image.

I got a few well crafted Tiger figurines, they were inexpensive and help with certain drawing challenges.

Fine artist from around the world show various possibilities in depicting tigers.

Austrian artist Nobertine Bresselern-Roth (1891 - 1978) created amazing animal illustrations using the linocut technique.

Animal expert Wilhelm Kuhnert was great at drawing any type of wildlife, including big cats.

Another terrific illustration by French artist Paul Jouve.