Thursday, May 21, 2015

Jiminy Cricket II

A little bit more on Jiminy Cricket, Kimball's iconic character. This is gorgeous frame from one of the opening sequences of the film. Rembrandt lighting in a Disney film.
Young Ward, a kid really, working on a close up scene during the "Give a Little Whistle" song. ( ...which includes some dance moves by the cricket that blow my mind.)

That scene is part of this pencil test continuity sheet. Ollie Johnston did the Pinocchio scenes .

A beautiful layout featuring one of the film's first scenes. Even in pencil form, all that intricate lighting is worked out.

I never heard Ward talk in person about live action reference for Jiminy. Maybe he ignored the reference at the time, or he didn't want anybody to know. He shouldn't have worried, there is no trace of any live action in his brilliant animation. But...having seen some live action footage, I can see an influence.