Friday, January 4, 2013

Jafar Pencil Tests

I finally got around to putting a reel together with my Jafar rough animation.
It was strange looking at this footage again after so many years. 
Some of the scenes don't hold up as well as others. To give you a couple of examples:
The line "Your Majesty certainly has a way with dumb animals" needs a juicier acting approach. There is something in Jafar's attitude that I could have milked more.
On the other hand, the close up scene "I think she took it rather well" still comes off pretty good. (So does the preceding sequence with Jafar and Jasmine.)

I had a blast animating this character. As I mentioned before, he was a relief after Gaston's realism.

The reel shows scenes in various stages, from first rough pass to tied down inbetweened footage. There are also a couple of versions of a cleaned up scene that was eventually cut from the film, you'll find it.
The first clip was cut as well, the second one is an experimental scene.
Sometimes the sync is a little off, which was fixed for the final version (I hope it was, anyway.)

Any Iago acting scenes were animated by Will Finn, and Jasmine was drawn by Mark Henn, both beautifully done.
As far as I know everybody had a great time working on this film under the direction of Ron Clements and John Musker. We did receive some criticism though from some of the Nine Old Men, they thought that certain scenes and the contemporary dialogue would date the film.
If so, I think it is dated in a beautiful way.

Here is a link to some Jafar development art from a recent post: